How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

Friends Today we Windows 10 Bluetooth (Windows 10 bluetooth) will talk about, such as if your laptop (Laptop) of Bluetooth (Bluetooth) work does not you will do.

So today’s post will tell you to windows 10 user how to solve the problem of bluetooth in windows 10. If your laptop has Bluetooth Connect (Bluetooth Connect) is not, or you Bluetooth Driver (Bluetooth driver Download) So how will you.

Where is Bluetooth in Windows 10:

If you want to find Bluetooth in your Windows 10 laptop or do you want to see if your laptop has Bluetooth? So you have to follow the steps given below –

1. You will need to press Windows Key + X simultaneously with the keyboard given in your laptop .

2. Now open the screen or Windows in front of you , click on the option given in Device Manager .

3. Now open a new Windows Device Manager on your laptop screen, which many drivers and software (Driver And software) will be, and you Bluetooth of your laptop in the same Windows (Bluetooth) will appear.

So in this way you can find out about the Bluetooth of your laptop.

How to do Bluetooth Driver Update?

In order to keep the software and applications in our Windows laptop running smoothly, we have to update them from time to time, and so today how about updating the Bluetooth driver Will go

If your Windows 10 Bluetooth (Windows 10 Bluetooth) are given in the first Device Manager to update the Bluetooth icon updates by clicking on the cursor (mouse Curser) Right click and add that option gives them Driver (Update Driver) Click on

As soon as you click on the update you will be Redirect (Redirect) from a website and your Bluetooth driver (Bluetooth driver) will be updated, and your updated Bluetooth driver , you’ll receive a notification once. That your driver has been updated.

How To Download Bluetooth Driver?

If you do not have Bluetooth drivers for your laptop to someone else in your laptop device connected Bluetooth (Bluetooth Connect) will not have any files can not be sent to another device to your laptop or your laptop can not send in the , So you will have to download the Bluetooth driver of your Windows laptop for this .

So let’s know how to download the Bluetooth driver for your Windows ?

Here is the link to download the Bluetooth driver in your Windows, but before that you have to understand which Bluetooth driver is required for your system .

A lot of people download it without finding out, then later they also have the problem, so first of all, how many bits of your Windows system is there aapke windows system kitne bit ka hai?

For this, go to the control panel in your laptop, and select the system, after which you will get complete information about your system, including how much your Windows 10 is like 64 bit or 32 bit .

Now download your system bit’s recording bluetooth driver.

If you Bluetooth driver update, download, and Windows 10 Bluetooth (Windows 10 bluetooth) to about and know well are below the see of course the video.

Finally: Today we learned about Window 10 Bluetooth driver and how to update and download it. If you like this article, then share it with your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook. Thank you

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